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In the field of healthcare, it may be challenging for your team to prevent inaccurate medical coding and billing procedures...

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Tags: ICD-10, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10 auditing,

Long-Term Care Hospitals are health care facilities that admit complex patients with acute care needs for a mean stay duration...

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Tags: International Coding, Medical Coding, long term acute care hospitals,

Medical coding plays a crucial role in your patients' health and misuse of the copy and paste function can cause many...

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Tags: International Coding, Medical Coding, Offshore Coding,

To determine and identify whether patients are at risk for sepsis, healthcare physicians and medical coders must have an...

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Tags: International Coding, Medical Coding, Webinar,

Herndon, VA– July 1, 2019 – ECLAT Health Solutions, a provider of revenue cycle management healthcare support services, is...

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Tags: Revenue Cycle Management

Not many people are aware of the differences between medical provider enrollment and provider credentialing. ECLAT Health...

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Tags: Medical Billing, medical billing experts, medical billing services

As healthcare research becomes more invested in clinical documentation, it is now further necessary to have accurate clinical...

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Tags: clinical documentation improvement

Consistent patient appointments are essential to a healthcare facility or provider. They are the central point of contact...

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Tags: Medical Billing