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Posted By Giovanna Stahl On December 20, 2019

ICD-10 2019 Changes - Lessons Learned

Year after year, medical codes change due to advancing technology and the modernization of medical processes and procedures so...

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Tags: Revenue Cycle Management, medical coding quality assurance, medical coding experts,

Price transparency is essential in aiding a well-functioning and competitive healthcare market. It tells patients what they...

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Tags: medical billing experts, medical billing services, medical billing support

Within the healthcare industry, changes are gradually being made in order to improve patient outcomes and ensure that...

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Tags: Revenue Cycle Management, healthcare revenue cycle support, medical coding experts,

Artificial intelligence is among the most important and thoroughly-examined innovation within the healthcare industry....

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Tags: medical billing services, clinical documentation improvement, medical coding quality assurance,

The future of healthcare requires much thought and debate, particularly where A.I. comes into play. However, one thing that...

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Tags: Medical Coding, Offshore Coding, Revenue Cycle Management,

In order to maintain a consistent and cohesive revenue cycle for your hospital, clinic, or practice, an accurate medical...

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Tags: HIPAA Compliance Standards, medical coding quality assurance, medical coding support,

In order for a hospital or healthcare institution to continue functioning efficiently, caring for patients, and maintaining...

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Tags: International Coding, Medical Coding, Offshore Coding,

In the field of healthcare, it may be challenging for your team to prevent inaccurate medical coding and billing procedures...

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